CTO as a service

CTO as a Service is a collaboration with a whole team
of developers, QA engineers, UX/UI designers led by
a manager with experience in guiding complex
development projects in different industries.
Do I really need to hire a CTO and give shares?
- This is a typical question in the mind of any founder.
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You are lucky if you already have somebody who is highly professional, with insightful knowledge of technologies and wide experience to predict the scalability of your project, to see its strengths and weaknesses, to build strategic and operational plans and is ready to work with you side by side every day to grow your business. But it is a really rare case. Many startups have great ideas but have no plan on how to create a mobile application or develop a smart contract or blockchain project and which ‘tech stack' to use in the startup, which specialists to hire in order to build the dedicated team and many other stumbling blocks. Often, founders have to deal with many elements outside of their comfort zone.

If any of the points below strike a chord, you would benefit from our technical consulting or ‘CTO as a Service’.

Situations in which CTO-consulting would be beneficial for your company:
  • You have a great idea for an app, but you are unsure of its implementation
  • You need to choose up-to-date technologies to build your project and estimate the required resources to create your app
  • You have developed your MVP within a low budget using minimal resources, and you understand that something is wrong and should be changed but you need a fresh view on all the processes
  • You want a quick startup, launch a minimal product, and test its viability
  • You need somebody who has expertise in various fields and has years of technical leadership to help you to gather the perfect team for your needs
  • You don’t need to hire a full-time CTO and don’t want to be tied to long-term contracts
  • You are eager to pay only for what you use and involve the CTO service only as needed
  • Your product is growing and you are looking to the next level, with solid architecture, security and scale
  • You need not just a technical expert; someone hands-on with coding, but a real technical guru with product & technology leadership experience combined with strategic overview
  • You are starting your app from scratch and have to make the correct early decisions on architecture and choose the right technology stack for future scalability

Functions of a CTO (Chief Technology Officer), his role and responsibilities.

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Usually a CTO, to an employer, is one of the company's managers responsible for the development of new services or products, optimising productivity, managing development processes in project teams, as well as training and professional development of employees, and implementation and support of various processes within the company.

The task of the CTO is to ensure efficient use and distribution of company resources; to turn the implementation of projects into controllable processes with predictable results. The focus of the CTO is the technical aspect of the product, its quality, performance, efficiency, reliability and lifetime. The goal is to ensure that the company's technology strategies are aligned with business strategies.

‘CTO as a service’ is a much more flexible option than CTO for hire.

The benefits that you can get from using CTO as a Service:
  • You will receive a strategic vision and understand the main opportunities and risks to your business in technical terms, to focus on driving business growth. The CTO service will combine knowledge of existing and new technologies to provide the business with the best possible solutions for the future.
  • Turning strategic plans into reality by breaking down the tasks into more manageable pieces for the people who will work on them.
  • CTO service brings progressive ideas to the company and finds cutting-edge technical solutions. It helps the company achieve its financial and marketing goals through an innovative technological approach as the CTO team has a solid technical background.
  • Ensuring the efficient use and allocation of the company's resources, turning the execution of projects into controllable processes with predictable results.
  • CTO service will lead you through the discovery stage, choosing the optimum tech stack, assessing your product’s development costs, and vetting the best candidates to solve specific technical issues at the later stages of development
  • You only pay for the service you need, whether that is to work for 20 hours a week or to keep us on a monthly retainer to meet with your development team once a week. Any option is possible and can be discussed in order to save you time and money.

Especially when you are starting with MVPs you can enlist the help of dedicated team as further work on your project and market feedback might bring to you the case of PIVOT and a lot of technical decisions which seemed reasonable will have to be reworked. When you are sure your project is on the right way and monetization works well, you can invest and hire a CTO.

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Chief Technology Officer is one important role for a starting company with sufficient tech capacities.
A founder might realise there isn’t time to recruit a suitable candidate to take the technical lead and solve technical challenges.

CTO as a Service is a collaboration with a whole team of developers, QA engineers, UX/UI designers led by a manager with experience in guiding complex development projects in different industries.
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What we can provide for you:

We’ll analyse your product, architecture, tech stack and workflows, and draft a product-evolution roadmap.

This service is widely used by early stage start-ups at initiation or ‘A-funding rounds’, as well as by mature SMEs launching offshoot ideas and products, but without losing their primary focus on the core functionality.
  • Technical expertise about realisation of your project/product.
  • Strategic consulting about development of your company’s technical capacities.
  • Guidance on architecture to let you scale your project and minimise potential risks.
  • Consultancy on updating your software from legacy and adopting new approaches.
  • Research on challenges you are facing and what is the most effective way to overcome them.
  • Audit your code.
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