Stops is a location-based social platform that helps people find, create, share and get-to unique 3D locations, without ‘tracking’ them.
Project summary
  • Country
  • Industry
    Travel, Social network
  • Time
    2 years
Technology stack
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About Project

Native mobile applications with the ability to search and create places of interest across the world. Applications use augmented reality to provide better navigation and interaction between users. This product has all the necessary solutions for users' cooperation, including messenger and secured private geotags.
The Challenge
Our developers have met a lot of challenges during the project. Mobile applications operate a lot of data related to 3D-geocoordinates, indoor and outdoor navigation, and social interaction between users. One of the key features is augmented reality discovery mode (AR/MR/XR/VR).

The Solution

Native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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