Bus park service platform

Web platform to control service intervals of
a bus park for international passengers traffic.
Project summary
  • Country
  • Industry
    Transport & Logistics
  • Time
    1,5 year
Technology stack
mobile app developed by HF-Solution as a crypto wallet and payment service><meta itemprop=

About Project

Our development team was working on the creation of an internal automation system for a bus park. The processes which were automated:
1. setting up a vehicle for a repair;
2. maintenance;
3. downtime.
The main idea and goal of this system were to automate these processes and reduce the time on making decisions of all the people who are involved in the process. Employees of the bus park get prompt notifications and management gets the opportunity to receive live statistics and analysis of the work. With the help of machine learning (as a source of information, special sensors and the history of previous breakdowns were used), the team could get predictions on the future breakdowns, the places, and the reasons that led to the breakdowns.
The Challenge
The most challenging moments:
- microservice architecture (4 microservices - users, vehicles, technical maintenance, notifications);
- putting microservice architecture in Docker (the whole system has to be launched in the closed network of the bus park), so everything works on the virtualization technologies;
- live dashboard - automatic updates, notifications inside the system and SMS notifications.

The Solution

A complex solution to keep a journal about every service case of every bus. Analyzes events and predict future breakdowns. In overall, the implementation of this automation solution prevented significant breakdowns, reduced the time on the service line, increased the number of international races, reduced the servicing budget by 15 percent per month.