We provide innovative, client-focused software solutions in different
Finance & Insurance
We did projects for insurance companies and financial institutes to make it easy to control their agents and cooperate with them.

· Daily agent reports and agent groups united by various criteria.
· Reports according to sectional product
· Graphs formation base on initial data
· Payment control system
· Transactional solutions
Transport & Logistics
We gained expertise in the implementation of complicated internal management tools during the implementation of the project for logistic companies. We created solutions for logistic companies and for manufacturing companies to control their delivery process.

· Cargo tracking systems
· Document management
· Accounting system
· Personal account for clients needs
· Cargo traffic control

E-learning & Education
We successfully implemented several automation systems for universities. The systems cover all the needs a regular university has.
The systems we implemented were built from scratch considering already existing processes inside a specific university and were aimed not to break up all the rules and results of previous work.

· Classroom fund controls
· Copy-protected library with different levels of access
· Copy-protected video library
· Video streaming education
· Personal student profile
· Professor personal profile
· etc

Business automation
Quite often there are business processes important for business but they are time-consuming and routing. We help companies fully automate their routing and manual tasks and perform them without the involvement of their employees and free up working time.

  • Document management automation.
  • Integration of different solutions to automate data sharing.
  • Reduction of the life cycle of a business process.
  • Predictable results and reduction of the human factor.
  • Cut down the number of subscription paid services.