Client relationship management automation

Internal business automation tool for a digital agency
Project summary
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  • Industry
    Marketing and Advertising
  • Time
    7 months
Technology stack
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About Project

The internal business automation tool for a digital agency.
In general, the portal allows the integration and exporting of online reports from different platforms.
In addition, there is a possibility to track employees’ activities - time, keystroke and mouse activity monitoring, and screenshotting. It is all combined in one system without a need to log in to any different accounts. An additional feature is to give access to a client where he can see all the related to their advertisements reports.
The Challenge
Our development team split monolith architecture on microservices and developed separate microservices on Node.js while the whole system was written on Ruby on Rails.

During the development, the team conducted unit and integration tests.

- We worked out the way to analyze and operate with the database for the creation of the intermediate and final reports about the advertising campaigns;

- Employee tracking solution, for activity tracking and the resources used during the work. The main purpose of the solution was to let the client use their own customized tool with reports and add necessary features like weekly reports and the most productive employee.

- To increase productivity it was important to get rid of the necessity to switch between different accounts and tools and combine all the necessary things inside one portal.

- Automatic PDF document generation. The system was forming agreements with clients collecting all the necessary data from other services.

- Proximate all the existing routes from all the existing services.

- Simultaneous authentification and authorization.

The Solution

We've built a scalable microservices-based solution that automates a lot of manual work and allowes using own solution instead of subscription based services and later sell it as additional service.
  • CRM aspect
    After the account of a company is created, employees curate clients' accounts, put info about advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, advertising on TV and YouTube) and budgets spent on advertising campaigns. New clients accounts go through onboarding process (making decisions on different marketing platforms). Teamwork with shared info and task management. Budgeting tool for every client profile.
  • Personal management tool
    Each employee has his own working field in one window. There are different types of settings for different campaigns, so there is no need to switch between the screens. Performance and activity tracking inside the companies CRM/portal/ Exported reports. Additional tracking and reporting functionality for every employee. Onboarding tasks for every client.
  • Budget management
    For each campaign, there is an option to track and manage the budget as well as monitor the most popular and effective marketing channels. Monitor expenses for different campaigns, products and services.
  • Clients overview
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
  • Advantage tool
    Advantage tool is used for setting up specific campaigns for important products and services. It allows the flexibility of different options of campaigns for important areas and products of a client.