A mobile app allowing users to quickly book a video consultation call for general inquiries. The solution is integrated with hospital systems.
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    1 year
Technology stack
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About Project

Mobile native applications for iOS and Android with the ability to make video calls for a user and his or her family members, and web portal for hospitals. The complete solution easily integrates with internal hospital systems and checks the availability of every doctor before suggesting the time. Automatic billing system which works with different health insurance providers.
The Challenge
It was necessary to prevent availability for patients to be able to call doctors when they were not expecting this to happen. Secure all data about patients. Integrate with different hospitals and fit into their business processes.

The Solution

It was necessary to create one-way calls and make them native so that only doctors could call a patient at the appointed time. All the information has to be secure and was not able to be stored. All the information about patients was stored only locally on their devices, secure and encrypted from breach to the internet. Integration through APIs with different hospital systems to create calendar invites for calls.