with IBAN accounts

Online banking services with mobile apps
Project summary
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    5 months
Technology stack
mobile app developed by HF-Solution as a crypto wallet and payment service><meta itemprop=

About Project

Online banking service which lets users send money to other users and have IBAN accounts and can manage multiple IBAN accounts. Transfer money between users, make savings and buy crypto even invest in precious metals. The product is licensed and follows EU regulation.
The Challenge
The project started with blockchain as a core idea for transactions to store every transaction. But later it became obvious that it is not so necessary for users to have a full story of their transactions and it became cost-effective to store all the data. The decision was taken to switch from blockchain to simple transactions and rewrite the back-end.

The Solution

We provided a dedicated team to rewrite the back-end from blockchain to Java and supported the development of client apps as well. All the development was done in coordination with project managers of the product.