Outstaffing services
for your fintech project

We provide IT personnel for your company
for support at a short notice.

Proffesional engineers and other staff
with an experience in fintech apps,
blockchain smart contracts, digital banking.
We can be useful if you are interested in any of the related themes
  • Fintech app development
  • Blockchain and smart contracts projects
  • Digital banking
How we can help to grow your fintech business
We develop fintech products and solutions for various businesses ranging from start-ups to traditional financial and non-financial companies.

Fintech services that we offer:

  • Custom development of fintech applications
  • Mobile application development
  • UX/UI and web design
  • Banking fintech and digital banking
  • Fintech payment solutions
  • Data Analysis
  • Fintech Consulting
  • Fintech team outstaffing
We are ready to help with any fintech-based project: from customization or refinement of an existing system to the creation of a completely new one from scratch. Our full-stack developers can become a part of your team and create a solution tailored to all your needs and tasks.

Our latest fintech projects

What are the benefits of outstaffing for you?

  • Easy way to strengthen your team quickly

    Engaging remote IT specialists is the best way nowadays to quickly and efficiently scale up your development team when urgent. You can choose a ready-made specialist or a whole team that is immediately ready to engage with your project, and disband when the project is completed.

  • Fast scaling and down-scaling of the team

    You can get temporary team members if needed and downscale the team as soon as the necessary work is completed. There are no compensations if you have to take out the redundant members. In case of an illness or force majeure - we provide a replacement with a free onboarding service.
  • It is economically justified and helps you to save time and money

    Searching for highly qualified specialists is very costly. HR spends time on recruiting and interviewing, the team is waiting for this specialist to arrive, and the idle time causes project delays. With the help of our company, it is possible to quickly fill the missing resources for only as long as you require them. This system gives flexibility to the team.
  • Elimination of labour disputes

    When a customer signs a contract to work with an outstaffing company, rather than directly with the engineer, it insulates the customer from the risk of labour disputes with the engineer.

  • You get the maximum immersion in the product from the contractor at no time lost

    Remote specialists are just as immersed in the processes and atmosphere of your project as your own employees - accepting the requirements for working methods, methodology, development culture (best practises of clean code, documentation) and work schedule.

  • Reducing risks of planning

    There is an opportunity to control and plan costs accurately from the start of a new project, and introduce innovative solutions. Our team members provide sprint estimates ahead of the development. The client is guaranteed to receive the services it needs and can monitor the schedule of deliverables.

The main thing that is required in a modern world is to be able to assemble the required team of competent specialists quickly for the specific tasks and achieve the set KPIs. There is no time for buildup. (c)

Who we are?

The HF-Solution team consists of highly qualified software developers, BA, QA engineers, UX/UI designers, and software architects.
We have more than 300 professionals onboard. Each member of the team has at least 5 years of experience.
Since 2016

developing solutions for business
153 projects

successfully released and helped our clients to increase sales
10 percent

of projects are patented and are developed under strict NDA
300+ professionals

to choose from for the needs of your project
The process of hiring a remote developer
What is your challenge
As we have wide expertise in different spheres as well as a product management consulting service we can accurately estimate how many specialists and for how long will be optimal for fulfilling your tasks in time and with the biggest efficiency.
Or you can just tell us what specialists you need for your project.
Review the candidates
In 24 hours we will provide you with the CVs of our developers that are available for the work, recently did similar projects and suit your requirements.
It doesn't matter if you need only one developer or a large cross-functional development team. We are able to help you in any case.
Hold video-interviews
We provide video-interviews for you to make sure about skills, level of English and integrity with the team we are going to provide you.
Start the work
As soon as you've chosen the right team specialists we start the work as you internal team members with needed daily stand up meetings to report on the progress and build mutual plans.
What our clients say about us
MediaBrain is focused on media intelligence and examining databases of media consumption, gathering insights, dashboarding and creating planning and buying tools around that data. So before we started working with HF, we were prototyping and putting together software software products for one particular client. We wanted to scale that up to multiple clients, and we needed more engineering resources. So we approached HF to help us scale out that product and make it suitable for multiple clients. We needed additional resources. We needed to move very quickly, and HF were able to help us quickly locate and get started with a great team. HF were excellent in the way that they helped us to move. They gathered our requirements and then helped us to assemble a team of people with complementary skills. We were able to meet each person before they started and get to know them and to find out which kind of skills they had. So they were instrumental really in the early growth of our business. HF took it from an MVP to a fully fledged commercial offering. We've gone from one client to many. And HF have helped us manage that transition.
HF were one of two companies that we considered. HF were very proactive in the way that they approach the problem. They took ownership, really worked off their own bat. They just have a lot of enthusiasm. They're a very young team. They've got a lot of great skills. They were really a pleasure to work with.
Nick Ellis (MediaBrain Inc.)
HF were unique amongst the companies that we dealt with. They identified the issues that we needed to solve, and then they really took ownership and worked out the best practice approach to solving those problems and then worked very hard over a short space of time to build out the software requirements that were necessary for our business.
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