Renter's review portal

A portal for tenants to review landlords, and for landlords to claim their business and respond to tenant reviews
Project summary
  • Country
  • Industry
    Real Estate
  • Time
    36 months
Technology stack
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About Project

The renter's review portal for residential and commercial tenants to leave genuine reviews for their landlords. Landlords could claim a business and respond to reviews, creating a more balanced exchange of information.
The Challenge
The challenge involved the risks associated with fake or promotional reviews of landlords' properties, as well as the complexity of validating user identities. Verification of all reviews posted could be difficult, and validating user identities - time-consuming and costly. Platform needed to implement safeguards to minimize risks and ensure the integrity of the online rental marketplace.

The Solution

We have built a transparent and secure rental marketplace for both landlords and tenants.

The platform offered useful features such as reference letters and the ability to connect with other reviewers, ultimately making it easier for renters to find suitable properties and for landlords to efficiently manage their leasing process.

To address the challenge of fake or promotional reviews and user identity validation, the portal implemented a thorough user identity verification process. This process collected and verified personal information, such as government-issued IDs or background checks, ensuring that only genuine users could post reviews and claim businesses. This helped to create a more trustworthy and reliable platform for all users.

The portal also provided several key features for both landlords and tenants. For landlords, the portal allowed for improved business management by providing the ability to analyze their business and manage the leasing process more effectively. Additionally, landlords could respond to tenant reviews, providing context or addressing any concerns that tenants may have had.

Our team successfully developed a renter's review application with a responsive design that functions seamlessly on both desktop and mobile browsers. To meet the needs of our diverse user base, we created a mobile version of the application that is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.