Hospital automation system

It allows quickly make inventory check on medicines and make prediction on the future needs of them. Plan doctors' availability and treatment process for a patient.
Project summary
The UK
9 months
Technology stack
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About Project

This project was developed using openEHR e-health open platform. It is an application for internal use of hospital only. It allows quickly make inventory of medicines and predictions in case of seasonal illnesses using AI solution. A part of a project is doctors' work load planning and scenarios creation for a patient to heal up. For each treatment scenario, rooms are planned for the patient's stay and medical supplies are reserved using AI solution.
The Challenge
Implementing AI component to build predictions for different cases of illnesses.

The Solution

We've build an AI solution which suggests doctors most required scenarios of treatment for different illnesses. It is easy for the doctor to work with the proposed treatment plan and make adjustments to the proposed treatment process. OpenEHR was used mostly for electronic health records and data management it allowed to save a lot of time and efforts for data structuring and operations.