Top-5 mistakes
starting an IT-project

Let's take a look at the main reasons for the failure of the project.

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In many ways, the success of a project depends directly on your approach and attitude.
Even the most ideal project with an authentic and awesome idea can be littered. Let's look at the main reasons for the failure of the project.
1. Haste

A rush can lead to very undesirable consequences - poor development quality and, paradoxically, broken deadlines, nervous developers and disappointment in work. To avoid this, you must have an accurate work plan - for at least the first three iterations, a precise application structure and a system of interaction between its elements, and a clear understanding of all the basic functions. Without this, it is extremely difficult to create the correct application architecture with the possibility of development and support. If the requirements are constantly changing and the team has to rewrite your project again and again, the development team will not have the motivation to work on your project. As a result, you will receive only a lot of errors and prolonged deadlines.
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2. Low-skilled resources
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As for the development resources - cheap does not mean good. At the first call, the vendor will try to make a good impression and promise everything you want, but in fact you will receive a raw product with a dirty code, since the qualification of the staff was low. Therefore, pay special attention to choosing a team. Communicate with developers and request a preliminary project architecture. If you already have accurate documentation, request a project assessment. You can also engage a project mentor or auditor in a third-party company to obtain an independent assessment of the situation.

3. Thrift

Do not save on developers, as this will lead to poor-quality development, and consequently to poor operation of the application and its support. Sometimes economizing leads to the fact that the project is rewritten from scratch since it is much more expensive to fix the existing one. Do not save on the application architecture, this will definitely affect the whole project in the future. It is important to take into account the workloads and scalability of the application, as well as the further support and development of the project. Also, do not save on the design and functionality of the project, as this can lead to even greater costs when you redo the same work several times. Not tired from all these “donots”? - the one is left. Do not save on testing and optimization, otherwise the user will receive a slow application with a bunch of bugs, which will definitely entail negative feedback.
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4. Fear of losing the uniqueness of the idea
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If you choose a reliable partner for development this phobia can be neutralized by means of documentation - signing a non-disclosure act (NDA) and copyright agreement. The situation when the developers do not fully understand the purpose or idea of ​your project can lead to the wrong implementation of the functionality and the wrong architecture, which, of course, leads to additional costs and rewriting of the project.
5. Inconsistency
Inconsistency can arise due to several project owners, since even two project initiators can see the same things in different ways and mislead the development team. Try to single out one person who is responsible for the development of the project, and the one who is responsible for its ideological part.
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Your project is in your hands

Do your best at the very beginning to structure your ideas, make a prototype, choose a good developer to create MVP, and competently manage financial assets. With these simple rules, you can be sure that you have done everything possible for your project and the chances for success of your startup are very high.
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