Who we are

HF-Solution team consists of

highly qualified software developers,

BA, QA engineers, UX/UI designers, and architects.

We have more than 300 professionals on board.

Based in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia


Our company provides a full set of services to help you realize your business idea, starting from business analysis through design and implementation phases to stabilization, deployment, and maintenance of the end product.
Since 2016

developing solutions for business
153 projects

successfully released and helped our clients to increase sales
10 percent

of projects are patented and are developed under strict NDA
300+ proffessionals

to choose from for the needs of your project

We work using the most flexible and transparent approach for our clients. All of our engineers have more than 5 years of expertise in a variety of projects and constantly pass refresher courses.

During the development process, our team does our best practices which allow you to stay at the peak of technology, we aim to increase the speed and quality of development, make the code readable. It allows us to minimize the time for knowledge transfer and join new team members in the shortest time during further modernization. Thus, our customers receive high-quality products as well as the ability to develop and support the system independently.



It is very important to choose the right tech-stack for your particular solution. It should not be legacy and let you scale quickly. Different set of technologies, such as Java, PHP, Node. js,. Net etc., allows you in different ways to develop the same functionality but there are important notes on further maintenance, security support, and load bearing capacity. It is very important to plan your architecture from the begging to avoid the loss of a significant amount of time for rewriting already existing and usable parts of your product.


Custom apps development

Startups cooperation

Project audit


we are very flexible and you can choose any of the

Cooperation models

Time & Material model
Time & Material
This model of work will suit you if you want to be flexible during the development and make changes to the project based on your users' behavior. We will charge only for the actual work performed on your project.
Fix Price cooperation model
Fix Price
This is a model of work when you want to get a fixed requirements project. During the work, your every change to the initial scope has to be estimated and agreed on. It is important to discuss all the desired deliverables at the begging.
Dedicated Team cooperation model illustration
Dedicated Team
When you want to manage the development process on your side and just lacking with qualified developers, it is the best model to choose. We will form a team full time dedicated to your project with the ability to go on daily meetings and any team member is at your service any time you need it.
Interview of Yuri Gres - Co-Founder and CEO of HF-Solution. He told about his path in IT, modern tech-trends, goals and principles of the company.
We like what we do and are not afraid of any challenges, so we would work on your project as a part of your internal team - with all our devotion and passion.

Yep, it's just a part of our big team, because recently most of our colleagues are working remotely.

What will You like in our cooperation:

  • Since 2016 developing solutions for business
    Our company has a wide range of expertise in
    various domains (finances, education, healthcare,
    insurance, etc.).

  • High qualification
    Our team consists of highly qualified software
    developers, business analysts, QA engineers,
    UX/UI designers, and architects.

    Each member of our team has at least 5 years of experience. We like what we do.

  • Individual Approach
    While developing projects, we use modern
    technologies and an individual approach both
    to the project and the client.

    We operate using Agile methodologies with our clients and provide them with effective solutions for their project(s).
  • Ongoing Support
    Our managers are always online and ready to answer your questions.

    We take the risks of replacement of a developer in case of illness or any other force majeure
    situations with knowledge transfer to the project.
  • Proactive focus
    We love challenges, so we would work on your project as a part of your internal team - with all our devotion and passion.

    All your requests will be performed extremely quickly and accurately.

    Our aim is to help you to reach success, launch a great product, and make the world better.
  • Flexibility
    We are ready to join your project at any stage
    (consultation, documentation, software
    development, delivery, project audit).

    We manage our time well in order to get the job done on time. You don't need to wait for our response, as we are interested to solve arising issues within the shortest time possible to save your budget and reach your project goals on time.