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Yuri Gres is 37 y.o., received a technical education in Belarusian National Technical University, is working in the IT industry for more than 15 years, and owning a software development outsourcing company for 7 years.
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Incepted in 2016 and based in Skopje, North Macedonia. The journey started with an objective to provide best-in-class, reliable IT solutions. HF-Solution has offered expert assistance to its clients in the USA, Israel, Russia, and other countries.

Since its inception, the organization has grown unprecedentedly and is always ready to deliver the best results. HF-Solution has served 150+ projects globally with 300+ professionals and has earned 10% of patented projects and developed under strict NDA guidelines.

A strong team needs an influential leader to set a firm foundation for the company. The GoodFirms team interviewed CEO Yuri Gres, who has mastered the fundamentals and provides visionary leadership to the organization and team members.
As a CEO, Yuri Gres increases the company's growth and employees by leading its direction and managing its overall operations and strategic outlining and performance. Yuri Gres further reveals the idea behind the firm's commencement by mentioning that the story behind starting this business came after working as a developer, business analyst, and project manager for more than three years to understand the market need.

Further, Yuri narrates the story behind HF-Solution’s inception by asserting that, it was in 2016, he finally decided to set up HF-Solution to meet ever-growing consumer demand. His goal was not to change the organization's culture but rather to build upon the high-quality work produced with the talents and experience he could bring from his previous experience. Since then, the team has slowly and steadily kept growing, and presently, they are helping clients from SMEs to enterprises across diverse sectors.

Yuri boasts his team by saying that the experts know they can still surprise their client community with robust solutions. It was possibly inevitable that Yuri would lead a software company whose mission is to assist businesses to get more value from each penny they spend.

HF-Solution professionals says that "we aim to increase development speed and quality, and make the code readable." The company has more than five years of expertise in various projects and constantly passes refresher courses. Hence, customers obtain high-quality products and the knowledge to independently develop and support the system.

HF-Solution supplies companies with skilled tech talent and product development expertise to deliver top-notch software solutions. The organization renders full-cycle software product development services to design, develop, and launch from market and business analyses.

Yuri emphasizes that the team listens and understands what you want to create, what your software product should have, and what intent it will serve. The professional engineers drill into the market and your business model to identify the current and most relatable tech solutions. They further delineate the roadmap and clearly explain the development method to comprehend the present and future steps.

Things that you will love while working with HF- Solution
• Expertise in various domains (finances, education, healthcare, Insurance, etc.).
• Highly qualified software developers, business analysts, QA engineers, UX/UI designers, and architects.
• Modern technologies and an individual approach
• A 24/7 dedicated team is available to answer your queries.
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The review given by GoodFirms reflects the potential of software engineers at HF Solution.
Yuri also mentioned that the company assists non-trivial tasks in existing projects with a minimum budget of $15,000. However, the team follows an individual approach to each client and finds the best solutions for their business requirements.

In conclusion, Yuri describes that About 67% of our customers return to us to work together again. As you can see, we got 5-star ratings from all our four customers on GoodFirms. HF-Solution deals with finances & insurance, education & e-learning, healthcare, and automatization of business domain industries. The company involves 5 to 30 developers per project, and a dedicated dev team develops projects extraordinarily and provides hassle-free experience to them.
Moreover, Yuri reveals that means of communication with clients by declaring that the company offers multiple flexible time zone support to clients to avoid inconvenience during the development process and post-release support.
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HF-Solution's Future Goal

Lastly, Yuri discloses that HF-Solution is vigorously moving forward to collaborate with Elon Musk and working in an office on one of Earth's satellite planets. But on a serious note, we have been deliberately and carefully sharpening our expertise, picking the most effective team of high-level specialists, and systematically growing in volumes and capabilities.

Thus, having gone through the elements shared by Yuri, one can have a look at the detailed interview he gave to GoodFirms.
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