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Contract software developers
for your company

We provide IT personnel for your company
for support at short notice.

Our function is to supplement, strengthen or
temporarily replace your in-house team.

Contract software developers
for your company

We provide IT personnel for your company
for support at short notice.

Our function is to supplement, strengthen or
temporarily replace your in-house team.
You get team members quickly
We will organize immediate video call interviews with the developers that you need. We can set up a developer/development team within a week and involve more specialists as needed.
Free consultation
Our developers are proactive, project- goal oriented
We have found that the best strategy of development for us is oriented towards product growth, so we're always ready to advise you on the best way of implementation.
Testimonials from our clients
Quick delivery
We are involved in your production. It is always exciting to see product, developed with your efforts, growing. With daily standups, we always aim to share development feedback and suggest options.
Our Projects
Since 2016

developing solutions for business
153 projects

successfully released in which we helped our clients to increase sales
10 percent

of projects are patented and are developed under strict NDA
300+ professionals

to choose from for the needs of your project
Contact Us Now & Receive 40 hours Trial worktime
of any IT-specialist
We are confident that we can build a good rapport with you and your team.

Who we are?

HF-Solution team consists of highly qualified software developers, BA, QA engineers, UX/UI designers, and architects. Each member of the team has at least 5 years of experience.

We provide you with a full set of services to help you with the realisation of your business idea. We offer flexible cooperation models to meet the requirements of each unique project. HF-solution was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in South Eastern Europe.

Latest review from a EU client
MediaBrain is focused on media intelligence and examining databases of media consumption, gathering insights, dashboarding and creating planning and buying tools around that data. So before we started working with HF, we were prototyping and putting together software products for one particular client. We wanted to scale that up to multiple clients, and we needed more engineering resources. So we approached HF to help us scale out that product and make it suitable for multiple clients. We needed additional resources. We needed to move very quickly, and HF were able to help us quickly locate and get started with a great team. HF were excellent in the way that they helped us to move. They gathered our requirements and then helped us to assemble a team of people with complementary skills. We were able to meet each person before they started and get to know them and to find out which kind of skills they had. So they were instrumental really in the early growth of our business. HF took it from an MVP to a fully fledged commercial offering. We've gone from one client to many, and HF have helped us manage that transition.
HF were one of two companies that we considered. HF were very proactive in the way that they approached the problem. They took ownership, really worked off their own bat. They just have a lot of enthusiasm. They're a very young team. They've got a lot of great skills. They were really a pleasure to work with.
Nick Ellis (MediaBrain Inc.)
HF were unique amongst the companies that we dealt with. They identified the issues that we needed to solve, and then they really took ownership and worked out the best practice approach to solving those problems and then worked very hard over a short space of time to build out the software requirements that were necessary for our business.
The process of hiring a contract developer
What is your challenge
As we have wide expertise we can accurately estimate how many specialists and for how long will be optimal for fulfilling your tasks in time and with the biggest efficiency.
Or you can just tell us what specialists you need for your project.
Review the candidates
In 24 hours we will provide you with the CVs of our developers that are available for the work, recently did similar projects, and suit your requirements.
Hold video-interviews
We provide video interviews for you to make sure about skills, level of English, and integrity with the team we are going to provide you.
Start the work
As soon as you've chosen the right team specialists we start the work as your internal team members with needed daily stand-up meetings to report on the progress and build mutual plans.
Reach Us & Let’s Create!