Mobile app for construction works

Mobile app for effective management of construction site and construction process.
Project summary
  • Country
  • Industry
    Automatization of business processes
  • Time
    36 months
Technology stack
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About Project

Cross-platform mobile solution which helps to make geofencing, documents sharing and plan team access. Personal chats. Task assigning tool. NFC cards access to restricted areas for security reasons.
The Challenge
All in one app. With security features and limiting the access to restricted areas.

The Solution

We have developed a mobile app using a cross-platform framework React Native to ensure compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. Integrated geofencing capabilities to the app, allowing users to create virtual boundaries around specific locations and receive notifications when entering or leaving these areas. Implemented a document-sharing feature, allowing users to upload and share files with team members, with options for collaboration and commenting. Added a team management system, allowing administrators to assign tasks to team members, view progress and communicate with the team through in-app messaging.

We implemented NFC card access to restricted areas, with the option for administrators to add, edit or remove cardholder access. Also, personal messaging functionality for individuals and group chats were created. The interface of the app is user-friendly with intuitive navigation and a clean design, to enhance user experience and engagement. The app is totally secure, with measures such as encryption, secure server communication, and password protection to protect sensitive information.