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for your company

We provide IT personnel for your company if it needs quick strengthening.

You don't need to hire full-time IT specialists, save on payment of fixed wages, vacations, sick lists,
deductions to the Social Security Fund, and training.

Our function is to supplement,
strengthen or temporarily replace
your in-house team.

Who we are?

HF-Solution team consists of highly qualified software developers, BA, QA engineers, UX/UI designers, and architects.
We have more than 300 professionals on board. Each member of the team has at least 5 years of experience.
Since 2016

developing solutions for business
153 projects

successfully released and helped our clients to increase sales
10 percent

of projects are patented and are developed under strict NDA
300+ proffessionals

to choose from for the needs of your project
Tell us what kind of specialists and experience you need
What kind of IT-specialists do you need?
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Evidence points that you
need remote developers:

  • It is unprofitable for you to maintain different IT specialists in the state.
  • Your staff is small in general.
  • You need an IT employee with a guaranteed high level of qualifications and skills.
  • You need to implement a specific IT project or solve non-standard tasks that require a narrow specialization of the employee.
  • You need qualified engineers at no time and no commissions for hiring.
  • You want to have round-the-clock technical support of the IT infrastructure.
  • You would like to have highly-qualified staff of interchangeable IT specialists with various specializations.
The main thing that is required in a modern world is to have the possibility to assemble the required team of competent specialists quickly for the specific tasks and achieve the set KPIs. There is no time for buildup. (c)

Pros of hiring remote developers

Easy way to strengthen your team quickly

So far, there is no better way nowadays to scale as quickly and efficiently as with the help of hiring remote IT specialists. You can choose a ready-made specialist or a whole team that is immediately ready to connect to your project. And disconnect at the moment when the project is completed.

Fast scaling of the team in both directions

If it is necessary to strengthen your team - you just call to HF-Solution and get the specialist (or team) that you need at the moment. And at the end of the project, no one will be fired.
If the outstaff specialist gets ill or at any other force majeure - we will provide another one with a free onboarding service.

It is economically justified and helps you to save money

Searching for highly qualified specialists is very costly. HR spends time on recruiting and interviewing, the team is waiting for this specialist to come out, and the idle time causes lots of problems. With the help of our company it is possible to quickly fill up the missing resources, you will dispose of the specialist as your own. This system gives flexibility to the team.
Elimination of labor disputes

Elimination of labor disputes. When a customer signs a contract to work with an outstaffing company, and not directly with the engineer, it excludes this customer from various possible labor disputes that may affect this engineer.

You get the maximum immersion in the product from the contractor

A remote specialist is immersed in the processes and atmosphere of your project almost as much as your own employee - with the acceptance of all requirements for work methods, corporate culture and work schedule.

Reducing the load on the HR department
A part of the scope of work is removed from it, it becomes possible to optimize and reorganize it on the scale of the organization (especially important for enterprises with a geographically distributed structure).
Improving the efficiency

Reducing costs (including time) for attracting and servicing personnel leads to a decrease in the cost of each man-hour of work of the company's employees. This leads to a decrease in the cost of production and, as a consequence, to an increase in the actual profit of the organization.

Reducing risks

There is an opportunity to control and plan costs, there are no overstated costs at the stage of launching new projects and introducing innovative solutions. This increases the productivity of not only the information department but the entire enterprise. The client is guaranteed to receive the services he needs and does not disrupt the schedule for launching new projects.

How It Works
Get in touch

Just press the button below and tell us what specialists do you need.

We will provide you the choice of our IT-specialists according to your needs

within 24 hours

Sign NDA

We will sign NDA, so the remote specialists don't have permission to announce information during their work and for 20 years after they leave.

Intellectual property belongs to the customer by our project and it is an integral part of our standard contract.

Agree on the terms
We will suggest your different models of cooperation and provide all the necessary documents.
Start working

After signing the contract the remote specialists immediately start working.

We like what we do and not afraid of any challenges, so we would work on your project as a part of your internal team - with all our devotion and passion.