Motorcycle App inspired by motorcycle community
MOTOSPOT app is designed for every motorcyclist
MOTOSPOT application was created by motorcycle riders for motorcycle community to help other riders in socializing, organizing rides, navigating and finding everything that motorcyclist can need in the native city or abroad.
What can you do with MOTOSPOT?
  • Organize rides
    Wanna ride with fellow riders? Just create a Route and invite your friends to join.
  • Check events
    You can add your event or look through a list of nearest events in your area on the Calendar.
  • Find POI
    Need a motorcycle service or a shop, place to stay or smth interesting to see - just use Filters on the map.
  • Chat with friends
    Create and join Personal and Group Chats to discuss events, rides or just argue what oil is the best for the bike.
  • Receive help
    If you get into accident or motorcycle is broken or you have seen such situation nearby just press S.O.S. button and motorcyclists around and your friends can help you.
  • Control your bike maintenance
    Put all the necessary information about your bike in the Garage section and monitor the maintenance history.
What You'll Get
Discover the possibilities of MOTOSPOT app
Community and events
Add friends, create groups, organize rides together, take part in the events and chat with other riders.
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Maps and routes
Plan your route, navigate, invite friends for a ride, make photos and share your impressions with other riders. Search POI (shops, services, hotels, etc.) on the map and put your own. Receive help in S.O.S.-situations and get notifications if smth happens with your friend.
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Take care of your motorcycle and put data in the app to control the maintenance history.
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