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Review us on Clutch.co

We would like our future clients

to get valid and fair information about our work.

Share your impressions of cooperating with us.

Your feedback will help us to develop

and improve, and other customers

will make the right choice of a partner.

Our goal is the constant movement

"from good to better!"

Review us on Clutch.co

We would like our future clients

to get valid and fair information about our work.

Share your impressions of cooperating with us.

Your feedback will help us to develop

and improve, and other customers

will make the right choice of a partner.

Our goal is the constant movement

"from good to better!"

We turn to you as one of our regular and priority clients, whose opinion is of paramount importance to
HF-Solution. We always strive to provide the perfect service to our customers, and your point of view helps us to determine the quality of our work.

We would really appreciate if you could take the time to review us on the platform Clutch.co.

What is Clutch.co
Clutch.co is an independent platform that collects objective feedback from clients about each company registered on the site.

They perform in-depth interviews with clients and customers about the quality of their interaction with Clutch-registered company.
To make it easier for you we have collected the information about Clutch.co

The procedure of the review
1) Should I Schedule a Phone Interview or Leave an Online Review?

You can submit your review via phone interview or online form.
Phone interviews are recommended for the following engagements:
  • Over $25,000 invested in the partnership or project
  • Involving a complex or multi-faceted project that requires significant context
Phone interview will last roughly 15 minutes, and you will be asked to explain the reason for the engagement, services offered, results, and project management.

Online reviews are recommended for the following engagements:
·Under $25,000 invested in the partnership or project
·Involving a less complex or more straightforward project that is easily explained in writing

2) What Types of Questions Will I Be Asked When Leaving My Review?

Clutch will ask you to introduce yourself and your company, describe the scope of work with the HF-Solution, and provide general feedback on the engagement.

The 5 main sections of all Clutch reviews are:
  • Background: Information about your company and your position there.
  • Challenge: The business challenge you were addressing by hiring the HF-Solution.
  • Solution: The scope of the vendor's services; the vendor's team composition; how you came to work with the vendor; and the dates and cost of the engagement (you may choose to keep the cost confidential).
  • Results: Evidence of success; feedback on project management; any areas for improvement; and advice for future customers.
  • Ratings: 5 questions on a half-increment, 5-star scale, including quality, scheduling, cost, willingness to refer (NPS), and overall (which is independent of the previous 4 ratings).
Questions will vary depending on the type of project and whether you do an online or phone review.

3) Can I See My Review Before It's Published?

No, but Clutch will send you an email as soon as the review is published with a link to the review and directions on how to request edits.

Clutch team will transcribe your review and edit it for clarity and length. They will send you an email with a link to the review as soon as it is published. If you're interested in requesting edits, please follow the directions within the email.

Please submit any edits or changes within three business days.

4) Where Will My Review Appear?

Your review will be posted on the public Clutch profile of the HF-Solution.
When you complete your phone review with a Clutch team member, Clutch transcribes and edits the audio for clarity and length into a written review, then publishes the final product to the HF-Solution public profile.
You will receive an email with a link to the review as soon as it's published.

5) Can I Start My Online Review and Finish It Later?

Yes, you can start your review and finish it later.

After starting the review, you have the option to “Save & Exit” to revisit and complete the form later. The review will not be processed until you have completed all of the required sections and clicked “Submit Review.”

6) Why Do Clutch Users Have to Sign In Through LinkedIn to Leave a Review ?

All Clutch users are required to sign in through LinkedIn so they can verify that real people are submitting client reviews.

When you sign in through LinkedIn on Clutch, they receive your:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Headshot from LinkedIn

Knowing this information allows Clutch to verify and attribute reviews accurately to maintain the integrity of the research.

Your name will not be shared externally without your consent. Your email and headshot will never be shared publicly on the site.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can opt to do so when submitting a review.
1) Can I Keep My Project's Cost Confidential?

During your review, the Clutch analyst will ask you for the cost of the project. Upon request, they will display the cost as confidential.

It is understandable that you are not able to disclose the cost or you might not feel comfortable sharing these details, but Clutch asks for this information so HF-Solution receives credit for the project size.

2) Can I Remain Anonymous When Leaving A Review?

Yes – for both phone interview and online, you can choose to attribute your name and company name or leave this information anonymous.

You have four attribution options when leaving a review:
  • Attributed
  • Anonymous
  • Personally Attributed, Company Anonymous
  • Personally Anonymous, Company Attributed

3) If I Attribute or Anonymize My Review Now, Would I Be Able to Change This Later?

Yes – just reach out to reviews@clutch.co with a link to the review to update your attribution preference.

Please note, you should contact Clutch directly. We will not make changes at the request of HF-Solution.

4) Does Attributing or Anonymizing My Review Impact the Credit Given to HF-Solution?

No – regardless of whether you’d like to remain anonymous or attribute your comments,
HF-Solution will receive the same level of credit for your review.

The biggest benefit of allowing your name and company name to show on your Clutch review is to provide an extra layer of verification for future clients considering working with HF-Solution.

Under no circumstances will your contact details be made public.

5) If Someone Searched My Name on Google, Would My Review Show Up?

If you choose to remain anonymous, your review will not appear in Google results for your name.

If you choose to attribute your comments, it is unlikely that your review will appear on the first or second page of Google search results for your name, but it may appear in later pages.
Editing or updating the review
1) Can I Edit My Review?

Clutch allows reviewers to submit minor changes or edits once the review has been posted on the site.

You will receive an email once your review has been published. If any minor changes are required, such as correcting a misinterpreted statement, making a minor change to a star rating, or other quick fixes, you can follow the directions in the email for requesting edits.

Any such edit requests should be made within 3 business days of the review's publication on our site.

2) Can I Update My Review?

Clutch doesn't allow reviewers to delete their reviews, but they do allow to update their review.

Reviews are allowed to be updated if:

  • A substantial amount of additional work has been completed, or
  • The trajectory of the partnership has changed following the original review’s publication
Reach out the Clutch representative who conducted the initial review. If you no longer know the best point of contact, please reach out to reviews@clutch.co.

They will schedule a call or send their Updated Review Form to collect feedback on your experience with HF-Solution, including information regarding an updated scope of work or updated results and feedback.

No original review content, including the quote, will be changed or removed from Clutch.co. The original content will be listed at the bottom of the more recent review.
Verifying the review
1) How Does Clutch Verify Reviews?

Clutch verifies reviews through a mix of LinkedIn and research. If you don’t provide enough details to verify the review, they will reach out via email for more information.
Every client review goes through a thorough verification process to confirm the reviewer’s:
  • Proof of identity and work history
  • Proof of project or services
You’ll need a LinkedIn account to be able to log into Clutch. Once you create your profile, you can leave a review. Clutch uses information from your LinkedIn profile, such as your email address and contact information, to verify the review.
If they can’t verify you or the project, but the information is still useful, they’ll publish the review as unverified.

2) What Is an Unverified Review?

Unverified reviews do not have enough information to confirm the identity of the reviewer or to prove that the project occurred.

Clutch’s team verifies each review to ensure that there is no conflict of interest, and that the project took place. If they cannot verify the review, they will publish it as unverified.

Unverified reviews do not affect the vendor’s Clutch score or rankings in directories.

3) My Online Review Is Unverified – How Do I Verify It?

You can verify your review by sending in proof of your identity and work history. Clutch doesn't accept verification materials from vendors.

Only you may verify your review. To verify, please email reviews@clutch.co with a link to your review and the following:

Proof of identity and work history — common examples are:
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Working company email address
Proof of project or services — common examples are:
  • Link to final website
  • Link to published app in an app store
Clutch team will go over your materials and contact you if they need more information.
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HF-Solution Team
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